Golden Pack

When you come this far, you are an experienced neobux user with sight set on trying to make as much money as possible. Therefore, you should get a Golden Pack if you want to climb higher on the ladder. Golden Pack consists of five different choices and they have different prices and different qualities. 

-If I buy a Golden Pack, for exemple Platinum who costs $490 per year, do I have to pay $90 for the Golden membership as well? 
Yes you do, only Standard membership is totally free. 

- Is the max limit for rented referrals 4000 with the Ultimate Membership? 
No, you can rent even more referrals, but the price goes up when you pass that number. 

- How many rented referrals can one have?
As many as you can get, there is no upper limit. Some people have rented more than 30,000 referrals, and with such amounts, there is a lot of money that circulates. You can easily make $50 USD per day. 

- But how do I manage all my referrals? 
Manage rented referrals can be a problem when their numbers improve,  therefore you can get a software called Neobux Referral Handy Manager (NRHM) that helps you easily spot rented referrals who doesnt click in a profitable way. 

When you have 2000 rented referrals you can choose anyone of these Golden Packs. Pay attention to the prices and their qualities, choose carefully which of these 5 packages you need.