Golden Membership

When you have 300 rented referrals, it's time to take next step into what is called Golden Membership. 

-Why do I have to upgrade from Standard to Golden membership? ‚Äč

You dont have to, you can stay with your 300 rented referrals as a Standard if you like, but if you upgrade you will earn alot more money. 

-How can that be?

Because you earn twice as much from your rented referrals when you upgrade from Standard to Golden membership. 

-What does it cost to upgrade? 

For one year it costs $90 USD or 30 000 neopoints. 

-What is neopoints, and how do I get them? 

Every time you click an ad you earn $ 0,001 and 1 neopoint. You also earn neoponts when you complete surveys, watch commercials about upcoming movies and doing simple tasks.

-Can I exchange my neopoints to real money? 

No, you can only use neopoints for upgrading membership and recycle unactive referrals. There is something called neocoins that can be exchanged for real money.

-Ok, what is a neocoin worth and how do I get them? 

You get neocoins almost the same way as neopoints, doing surveys, tasks, download and test new softwares, watch short movies, download mobile apps and much more. 

-How many rented referrals can I have as a Golden member? 

You can have 2000 rented referrals as Golden member, and when you have reached that number it is time to take step number 3 - Golden Pack

If you are lucky you can win money or neopoints in the Adprize lottery. The money you win here are yours, and you can fast and easy withdraw to your payment processor.