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So, I guess you arrived at this site because you are interested in making money from the internet? I can asure you that you have come to the right place. I am going to talk alittle about Neobux, who offer you a chance to make money from home. This site that has been around for 5 years, and have more than 20 million registered users. If you are interested in make money from home I think you should pay attention from now. 

-How does it work? When you have registered on Neobux you see alot of clickable ads, which only pay $ 0, 001 USD - which means you have to click 1000 times just to reach one single dollar??! 

-1000 click and only earn 1 dollar, that is ridiculous!!? Take it easy and let's think about it. If the payment was that bad, Neobux would certainly not have any members at all. 

-But how do people make money from that site? There are 2 ways to go. If you have many friends, a big family or just know alot of people you can refer them into this site and make them register under your name, and when they get click ads and get credited, you get credited as well. If you don't have more than a handful of friends and don't know that many people you can simply rent people through neobux, and when they click their ads and get credited, you also get credited. 

-Do I have to invest money? No, you don't. You click your ads, do simple tasks and do some mini jobs, and when you have reached $0,6 USD you can rent your first 3 referrals. Most people wait until they have $3 USD before they rent their first 3 referrals. This is just to be sure that they can afford to maintain their referrals. 

-And then, how do I proceed? Just continue that way, as soon as you have $3 USD you rent 3 more referrals and extend them for at least 150 days, or better 240 days. Things will go faster and faster now the more referrals you get. When you have reached 300 referrals it's time to take Step number 2 - Golden Membership. 

The most important to become succesful with Neobux, dont give up! Many people give up when they notice that they only earn 0.001 per click, but it is not your own click you will make the money from.